Dragon Rouge

1 Craven Hill, London W2 3EN, UK

Agency: Dragon Rouge
Location: Netherlands
Project Type: Produced
Client: RB
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Revives Colours serum
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

RB today reveals its new Vanish Miracle Revives Colours serum, a revolutionary product that revives the colour of clothes in one wash – and marks a significant shift in the fabric treatment sector.

The serum helps people revive treasured clothing by removing the visible wear of garments, such as fuzz and pilling, and refreshes the colour to look like new. It provides an innovative and compelling answer to the challenge of how to extend clothes’ longevity in an increasingly fast-fashion world.

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Driven by a clear purpose
The Vanish Miracle serum is the result of new product development and signals a shift in the brand’s approach and positioning. It is driven by the clear purpose of helping clothes live many lives and boosting re-use and longevity, a driver that will propel all the brand’s future launches.

“The Vanish Miracle launch clearly signals a new approach within FMCG design at RB,” says Nick Horan, Global Brand Experience Lead, RB. “The design of every new product, solution and experience is considered and driven by a singular and well-defined purpose that needs to work across all touchpoints. With Vanish Miracle, we are helping people make more sustainable choices when it comes to fashion.”

Using the language of clothes
The packaging and brand experience design of the product, developed in partnership with global design agency Dragon Rouge, plays a crucial role in signalling the novelty of the product’s innovation and its transformative nature.

It is rooted in the language of clothing, based on the central idea of reviving clothes, and the rituals people go through when looking after favourite garments. Key design elements connect to that emotion and that moment of consideration.

These include a detailed background texture running through the design, with ‘before and after’ illustrations of the product’s benefits. In addition, everyday clothing care tags provided the inspiration for seam, stitching and clothes label details that wrap around the pack.

A fresh brand look
The packaging communicates the concept in clear and easy to understand messaging, while signalling the product as part of the Vanish range, with its colour and logo referencing the parent brand. It also includes the new Vanish logo, redrawn to be a more vibrant, modern and confident expression of the brand.

“Rather than resorting to the established and tired design codes within laundry products, with Vanish Miracle, the brand is taking a leadership position in driving design across the category,” adds David Robinson, Creative Director at Dragon Rouge. “This product highlights a much more considered role of design, linking its graphics and communication back to the clothes it cares for and the notion of extending the life of garments. It is a holistically considered piece of design, embedding a clear idea across every aspect of it.”

Creating an end-to-end experience
In line with RB’s drive to create an entire brand world for its products, the design includes 2D and 3D assets to maximise the brand experience across all touchpoints beyond the pack. It features secondary packaging that achieves stand-out on the shelf as well as bespoke ecommerce packaging. The latter includes an integrated hanger for people to use, to remind them of the presence of the Miracle product in their cupboard.

Paola Arbelaez, Global Category Director, Vanish, says: “The design elevates Vanish to the next level, clearly conveying its compelling concept and affording all platforms and executions the same priority. From 2D and 3D to online and offline, ecommerce and secondary packaging, the design makes the product and the solution it provides engaging for people at every touchpoint.”

The launch of Vanish Miracle Revives Colours serum will be followed by Vanish Miracle Revives Whites serum, as well as further products in the Vanish range.