Kunella Feinkost Rebranding (Concept)


Designer: Rosalba Porpora
Project Type: Concept
Location: Berlin, Germany
Packaging Material: Recycled paper

The aim of the project is to re-think the identity of Kunella Feinkost, a brand from the Spreewald (Germany).

My concept is all about nature cause I found out nature is one of the most important value for the brand.

So I came up with the idea of the logo linking the “K” with a plant..you can rotate it and look how it is in the same time a K and also an image which makes you think about something from nature.

For the labels I wanted to respect the way Kunella shows its products right now. On the labels for each product is represented the main ingredient. From this thing came my idea. I designed some illustrations for each product being focused on the taste and on the main ingredient.

So again, the inspiration came from the nature. The paper I decided to use for the labels is recycled carton paper, to respect the nature I hava been talking about.