ñ | organic – Organic Olive Oil

Derrick Lin


Agency: Mendoza Estudio
Designer: Jesús Mendoza
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: ñ | organic
Location: Úbeda, Jaén, Spain
Packaging Materials: Vidrio, crystallized serigraphy

ñ | organic is a brand of organic olive oil created by Mendoza Estudio.

The Brief
Our client, Maria Eugenia Pasquau, approached us in order to develop from scratch a brand for their organic olive oil. Our challenge was to design the logo and appropriate packaging for a product that would target the national and international gourmet market.

The Product
The oil quality of ñ | organic, highlights its high stability (171.9 ER) and its richness in oleic acid (78.93%). Its high content in polyphenols, as well as maintaining its high stability, indicates the existence of very fruity oil and great personality. This, together with the correct use of farming techniques and a careful handling of the industry of producing, obtains very high quality olive oil and commercially appreciated features.

The Design Concept
As a starting point we conveyed our client that needed some minimal branding and very visual impact. The logo was built from an ñ. We substitute the tilde by an olive leaf. We chose as the main color yellow. The result was a design of modern packaging and unusual.