Derrick Lin


Designer: Mohamed Kamel
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: MOMEN
Location: Cairo , Egypt
Packaging Contents: Sandwich
Packaging Material: Paper

MO’MEN(fast food chain) wanted to launch and introduce three new sandwiches(Seafood, Meat, & Chicken). We were challenged to create a design that appeals to each variant target using the same die cut used in their old sandwiches but give the brand a new fresh look that stand out against competition.

What’s Unique?
Given the packaging die- cut and material i have created a packaging design that is based on different human characters and features that targets each variant audience. The packaging is unique as its built on a cubism direction utilizing only the basic colors to create a relevant color coding to each variant and illustrating normal characters that you meet in your daily life routine which creates a relevance between the variant and target. This achieved the brand objective and increased the product sales and introduced the brand in a new light in the market.