Lost Pocket Gin

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Derrick Lin


Agency: Co Partnership
Naming & Art Direction: Max Harkness
Concept Design & Creative Direction: Zoe Green
Design development: Graeme Offord
CGI: Danil Gorskikh
Packaging Content: Gin
Location: Sydney, Australia

What lies beyond the unknown? This question has drawn adventurers past and present to Tasmania, an island tucked away at the bottom of the world. In this place of ancient forests, brooding lakes and fast-changing skies lies the Lost Pocket Distillery, a tiny artisanal distillery with a treasured possession.

Here on this rare parcel of land, the finest artisanal Gin is produced by hand in small batches. This painstaking process begins with the mountain berry Tasmannia Aromatica, found wild on the region’s rock face. Native to Tasmania and prized for its distinctive taste, it’s combined with juniper, coriander and a unique blend of Australian botanicals, then crushed, steeped in clean spirit and triple distilled in an antique copper pot still. Its distinctive flavour tastes like no other gin in the world.

With a quest for recognition as ‘the Artisan Gin of Tasmania’, Co Partnership was tasked with naming, designing and crafting the brand around these truths. Centred around the mystique of this wild isle and suggesting a portal to another world, Lost Pocket invites the curious to peer inside. This curiosity is rewarded with a repeating label and the illusion of infinity, the touches of gold foil and earthy colours give a raw beauty to this pocket treasure.

Lost Pocket Gin. Found at the end of the earth.