Modus new 375mL cans

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Derrick Lin


Design: Co-Partnership
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Modus Operandi Beer Co
Location: Surry Hills, Australia
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cans

Modus Operandi Brewing Co, one of the first Australian craft breweries to use aluminium cans, are introducing their famous beers into 375mL cans to expand their distribution and accessibility – But don’t worry, fans of the iconic 500mL ‘Silver Bullet’ will still find them as Limited Releases.

Design agency Co-Partnership have again been entrusted to develop the brand refresh, continuing the job they started with their award-winning brand redesign in 2015. Their brief was to keep the premium and iconic MO mark, whilst finding an impactful solution to communicate flavour and beer type on a busy shelf.

“We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Modus. Our companies have aligned since day one through a focus on category changing innovation from brand to product. The new cans encapsulate all that Modus stands for – Beer First, No Shortcuts – with bold and memorable branding, concise copywriting and taste semiotics. These silver bullets are going to sell like hot cakes…. or rather, like fresh cold beer.” Co-Partnership, Innovation Director, Max Harkness

“Engineering the common can for the 500mL design was one of the hardest challenges we’ve ever had as a design agency, the solution is one of our proudest pieces of work to date. When Modus asked us to refresh the package for a smaller, more commercial format, we rose to the challenge. With many of our designs, the solution came from the production. Here the colour gradient for each beer type cleverly replaces the label, whilst preserving the iconic silver of the raw aluminium – a technique that’s not easy to do on this substrate, so it took many trials to get it right. The result is definitely as sexy as the 500mL Modus can, just with a bit more makeup” – Creative Director, Zoe Green from Co-Partnership

Jonny Bucknall from Modus said “Since launching our cans in 2015, the craft beer category in Australia has changed beyond recognition, we wanted to keep evolving as a brand and listen to changing consumer habits. Fans of Modus know us for our hoppy, full flavoured beers, moving to a new format is an opportunity to appeal to new demographics in new markets. The team at Co-Partnership knew better than anyone how to do this while staying true to what makes the Modus brand unique. 2019 is an exciting year for the brand.”