Speicher 23 (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designer: Rasmus Fach
Project Type: Student Project
School: HAWK Hildesheim
Location: Germany
Packaging Contents: Wine, Cheese
Packaging Materials: Glass, Paper, Wood

Everybody know that wine and cheese go well together. So does the team of Speicher 23. They made it to their task to travel the world and find the best wines and cheese, so that you can celebrate the pleasure of the simple but good things in life: Good wine and cheese with good old friends.

Speicher23 is modern without being impersonal. The reduced and graphical design, gains character through the strong, appetizing colors, the dynamic and finely tuned typography and imagery.

The logo underlines the brands personality and origin. The seal-like placement mediates trust and tradition. The naming derives from the founding place of the brand. Namely the famous warehouse district ‘Speicherstadt’ close to the river Elbe in Hamburg that is well known as a centre for the trading of luxurious groceries and beverages.

The products are especially addressed to a young, urban, academically audience of an entertainment-oriented environment. For this target group the Speicher23 team is constantly looking for further delicacies.