Shipped 1827 (Student Project)

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Designer: Or Eitan
Project Type: Student Project
School: Shenkar school of visual arts
Packaging Content: Wine
Location: Israel

Inspiration & Concept
In recent years, several shipwrecks containing centuries old wine bottles and champagne where found. Experts carefully identified, observed and researched the alcohol.. then they drank it. It was found out that wine is preserved and even ages better at the bottom of the sea due to various process and conditions that are unique to the ocean floor, my concept is to create a wine that is being sold after its preserved and aged under the sea

BOX – the box originated from here the first underwater wines came from salvaged shipwreck.

Bottle jacket – Design for the bottle jacket came out from stories of shipwrecks and the romantic ideas of dark and rusty coasts, inspired by the fashion designer, Alexander Mcqueen. Is tarted researching the glass itself to give the bottle a sunken look but it didn’t have the right feel to it. I went further to research paper and textures, if paper can sewn and used as fabric, paper gave me the right texture and feel, for the bottle a point to make it look as if it under the ocean for a long time.

The Bottle – finally the Matt Glass bottle came to give the bottle a clean look, underneath the silts and mud you unwrap and get a new slick black design that’s supposed to give a more up to date feel but still have the rich background of the bottle that has been at the bottom of the ocean for so long.