Fratelli Spirini Soft Cheese – Let The Cows Sell!

Derrick Lin


Design Agency: GORDOST
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Fratelli Spirini
Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Soft cheese
Packaging Materials: Plastic, Paper, Сardboard

Situation. Increasing sales.
Fratelli Spirini cheese dairy has been producing cheese using an authentic Italian technology since 2012. A large amount of the company’s sales is actualized via the HoReCa segment. At a certain time the dairy owners decided to increase their share of retail sales, and that is when there appeared a need for a package that would comply with the brand’s values.

Objective. Shape for content.
“Gordost” branding agency set a goal to develop a design for a soft cheese package taking into account its presence in retail trade networks. During the period of launch, the pack is urged to be the main selling driver.

Solution. Cheese lovers’ attention focusing.
The design effect of Fratelli Spirini pack is based on the combination of black and white graphics and a distinctive holder case. The pack is complemented with outside parts creating an image of a cute cow. Therefore its design lays stress on the natural milk origin of the cheese: as if cows not only produce cheese, but also sell it with no middlemen involved. The holder case with the cut shapes of ears and horns make the product stand out on a store shelf in a profitable way and the color stresses allow differentiating all the cheese kinds easily. The presence of an Italian flag image and a food zone in its colors work as an additional marker of the manufacturing process inspired by the traditional Italian cheese-making.