Creative Agency: Brandiziac
Creative Director: Artem Shutov
Art Director: Darya Medvedeva
Designer: Darya Panasova
Pre-press: Dmitriy Yakushevich
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Gorohovetskaya Manufactura
Location: Gorohovec, Russia
Packaging Contents: Snack

To create a brand of corn sticks with three different flavors.

Products of this category are often bought impulsively and the package can play a key role in the process of choice. As a base for the new brand image Brandiziac team decided to create a whole story, that will tie all the products together and at the same time, emphasize the individuality of each one. The name was born from the idea that children like to make up new words. “Lopsticki” means that the corn sticks are not just eaten, they are eaten with a passion. And the one eating is a Lopstick. The creative team developed a whole world inhabited by characters that represent different flavors of the snack: a simple guy for the plain sugar sticks, pink and fluffy for the vanilla, and a superhero one for the condensed milk flavored. Each character is unique, has his own story and lifestyle, his own territory in the world of Lopstikcs. The illustrations are very thought-through: texture, color, facial expressions — it all works to create a memorable and believable character. The reverse side of the package contains a story you can read while enjoying your snack alongside other characters, that you can explore, because who knows: maybe next time you will want to try a different taste?