Project Type: Produced
Packaging Content: Cosmetics
Location: Russia


To develop a line of caring cosmetics for generation Z in the mass market category

Sweetie is a daily care cosmetics concept from the Brandiziac team. The new product is aimed at Generation Z – girls under 25. They communicate a lot on social networks and messengers, choose environmentally friendly products and conscious consumption.

In English, sweetie is not only “cute” but also “sweet”. Therefore, the jar for the cream repeats the shape of the lollipops, and in size it is no more than a popular delicacy.

For the name of each product, we have chosen abbreviations and abbreviations that are often used to speed up correspondence. This is how the ASAP face cream (as soon as possible), the HAND moisturizing hand cream (have a nice day) and the XOXO lip scrub (symbolic designation for hugs and kisses) appeared.

Sweetie does not require a lot of space and is convenient to take on a trip or to a sleepover. A small volume allows you to easily try a new product or select several funds at once without harming your wallet.