Eat Like You Drink


Design: Brandiziac
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Milky Whale
Location: Russia, Ekaterinburg
Packaging Contents: Tasty and healthy little delicacy
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

Challenge: develop package design, name and title for a new dairy product that does not have analogues in the Russian market. However, the process of naming asserted not just coming up with the name for a new sub-brand, but also the name for the product itself.

Idea: Our product is a tasty and healthy little delicacy. Each little piece supplies the need for protein and calcium, which are found in milk. However, in this produce milk product is tastier than the drink itself, and it is easy to carry in a purse or in a pocket. The name has to speak about its health merits, special size factor of the delicacy and perception of its taste.

What’s Unique?
“Eat like you drink” – the phrase appeared while working on the brand concept, and we decided that it explains everything. It had to stand for to the first-ever product of this kind and at the same time become the name of the sub-brand and its slogan. Using the package, we had to display the tasty and healthy innovative product and to attract the attention of a little sweet tooth and a grown-up with the weakness for deserts. We kept the characters of the brand that are widely used in various product ranges of the company, and enriched the design with happy mood and the feeling of pleasure, which we experience while eating this delicacy.