Pleasant Evening Soju (Concept)


Creative Agency: Unblvbl Branding Agency
Art Director, designer: Timur Saberov
Illustrator, designer: Anastasia Matveeva
Photographer: George Sorokin
Project Type: Concept
Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Coctails
Packaging Materials: Glass, paper

‘좋은 밤’ 이 라는 소주 – Pleasant Evening Soju

Unblvbl developed the concept of Asian cocktails based on soju – ‘좋은 밤’ 이 라는 소주.

Soju (소주) – Korean beverage, grain distillate strength from 20 to 45%, usually used in its pure form, but in recent years it has increasingly become an ingredient for cocktails.

좋은 밤 name translates from Korean as “Pleasant Evening” and this product was created just for this type of evening in nice company.

Reference point in communication with the consumer – illustration on a paper bag, made in watercolors. Each one is based on the predominance of the color characteristic for a specific taste.

There’s three of them: apple, strawberry and orange.

As for the labels placed on the bottle, we have entered the most harmonious in its subjects – poster on the wall, a sign in the park and billboard.

Illustrations, ease and taste – all that to create the right emotional state.

Working on this project we wanted to do first and foremost something that goes beyond our perception of low-alcohol cocktails, cultural code and the ordinary.