“Porkies stands out as a rebellious brand emerging from the Tyumen brewing scene. Craft beer inherently rejects conformity, drawing those who challenge norms closer to its essence. Even if they later establish new guidelines.

At its communication core lies the Cockney language, a unique form where words transform into rhyming phrases, ultimately shedding the rhyme to adopt a meaning detached from the original word. Thus, grasping the word’s significance proves challenging even for native English speakers unfamiliar with Cockney slang.For instance, the term “Lies” harmonizes with the phrase “Porky Pies”. When “Pies” is omitted, it morphs into “Porkies”. In casual conversation, uttering, “Stop telling Porkies about me!” translates to “Stop spreading falsehoods about me”.

The brand introduces a central character, a cat navigating diverse scenarios, always assuming the guise of a genuinely rugged individual”.