Tofu cat litter packaging design


Organic Team presents an innovative technological project – a cat litter made of tofu. It is maximally friendly to pets and the environment. Thanks to the new technology, the project has become more efficient than traditional fillers.

The project offers an innovative division into “flavors”, and the main idea of the manufacturer is that different cats have different needs. Therefore, they require different compositions of toilet fillers. In the process of working on the project, the client conducted many tests of different compositions of toilet fillers until he came up with the ideal formula.

One of the main advantages of Organic Team is its unique packaging design. On the one hand, it has a simple and clean design reminiscent of an apothecary, technical one. On the other hand, the packaging is decorated with cute icons of beloved pets, which makes it friendly.

Studies conducted by the company confirm that Organic Team is not only a safe, but also a more convenient and efficient choice for cat litter boxes.

Organic Team is a project that is designed not only to make life easier for pet owners, but also to make the world cleaner and healthier for all of us.


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