Creative Agency: we are two
Creative director: Katerina Kotti
Photography: Marios Theologis
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Xanthi, Greece
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Materials: Paper, Aluminium, Cork

Sigma series is the main wine series of the company Sgouridi Wines. The aim was to refresh the packaging in order to add surplus value and to emphasise the product itself.

Under the frames of renewing the whole visual identity of the company we created a minimal label by using the new logo as a cut-out inside the label so that the consumer is able to focus inside the product itself: the wine. The cut-out of the logo inside the label highlights the importance that the company is giving to the wine production and it invites the consumer to test the result through its “filter”.

At the same time we raised the degree of difficulty in the production of labels, since the existence of cutter within the label was a challenge for the greek market of labelling. The result was a unique and yet simple label that elevates the product.