Gin Lubuski 7 Years Old


Warszawa, Polska

Creative Agency: Brandy Design
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Henkell & Co. Polska
Location: Poland
Packaging Contents: Gin
Packaging Materials: Glass

Gin Lubuski 7 Years Old is a new subbrand of the most popular polish gin. We decided to keep the iconic look – white label on a green glass bottle, but add to it some elements that would place the product in a premium category.

In order to do that, we changed the label’s shape to also accentuate unique shape of the bottle, we refined typography and decorated the label with fancy ornaments. Also the bottle is slightly slimmer and comes with a special, decorative tube covered with silver metallic adornment. In that way Gin Lubuski 7 Years Old emphasizes the longtime tradition of polish gin manufacturing, as well as gives the promise of a highest quality.