Na plantach / vegi concept of ready meals


Warszawa, Polska

Poland’s largest convenience store chain, Żabka, asked us to prepare a concept for a private label of ready meals. They were to be dedicated specifically to Poland’s fast-growing group of flexitarians looking for easy and tasty substitutes for meat dishes.

As a result of the work, part of which was an extensive analysis of flexi codes and both sides of the table, we created the brand concept “Na plantach” (a Polish-English play on words: the name in free translation could mean: on plants, but also “Planty” is the famous Krakow green promenade, which is well-known throughout the country).

Our inspiration was the vegetables themselves, with their fever of colors and eye-pleasing variety of shapes and forms. We then simplified the color palette and form, already knowing that idealized vegetables, today, are a sign of artificiality rather than health and responsible modernity. The final design was built from reduced illustrations and attractive pastel backgrounds, where tasty colors came to the fore.

The brand’s planned product portfolio was to consist of diversified indexes, from pastes for sandwiches, to beverages, pasta dishes and milk analogs. By organizing and codifying the richness of colors, we were able to bring the whole thing together in a coherent way, with different shelf situations in mind.