The Precious Pod

Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: The Collaborators
Creative Director: Mary Lewis
Designers: Zoe Bowcott, Samuel Jones
Artwork: Chris Ellis
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Natural Vitality Ltd.
Location: Bath, United Kingdom
Packaging Contents: Gourmet Houmous
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic pot with a cardboard sleeve
Printing Process: Lithographic print, Foil stamping, Die cutting

Mark and Ayleen of Natural Vitality are making good houmous, in fact, it’s so good many say it’s the best. But like all too a familiar story, their focus was so engaged in making the best houmous possible that their packaging hadn’t had quite the attention it warranted.

During our early research, we discovered the wondrous chickpea pod, perfectly formed and only housing one or two peas. It seemed to reflect the meticulous care and attention that Mark and Ayleen put into all their houmous making and so it became the foundation of their new brand; The Precious Pod.

One important observation was how a sleeved pot was unbranded once opened and in the fridge (as the sleeve is usually discarded). This is why we added a sticker to the pot and die cut through the sleeve to make it visible which also added depth and interest to the design (a category first). We also used foil to highlight the quality of the extra virgin olive oil used. And strong colour palettes and flavour lead illustrations helped to create their range differentiation.

What’s Unique?
Die-cutting through the sleeve – a category first. Stickering the pot so it remains branded after the sleeve has been discarded. Foil stamping to highlight the quality ingredients is also new to this category.

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