Designer: Sophia Georgopoulou
Copywriter: Konstantinos Kontinos
Photographer: George Pavlakos
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Basic Naturals
Location: Athens, Greece
Packaging Contents: Cream, oil, cosmetics
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic, glass

The Brief
To create the brand identity of Basic Naturals, a brand new series of 100% natural handmade skin care products. Crafted in small batches in Connecticut, USA, Basic Naturals use only the finest organic ingredients Nature has to offer and are created exclusively on the basis of time-proven, mild production techniques.

The Design Concept & Design
Given the brand name, our design strategy was based on the vision and passion of the brand’s founder, Yaniv Ben-David. The spark came from the inspiration he drew from Mother Nature, followed by his pledge to strictly stick to what Mother Nature only knows best.

The visual identity and label design of the brand had to respect its origins and sufficiently reflect the philosophy behind it. And so it does. The primary colours are evidently earthly – ochre and black take center stage. The typography employed denotes a handwriting style, while still being clear, simple and very legible. The brand’s logo incorporates in the word ‘BASIC’ the element of a flower pot in the shape of an inverted ‘A’ – the Calendula flower in the pot, constituting a wink to the first product created, based on this very plant. Finally, the design of all individual products integrates an original pictogram-illustration that relates directly to what the product is and does.

Direct, stripped-down and uncontrived, accessible and down-to-earth, the brand’s visual language does indeed justice to its story, philosophy and values – carrying its message across in an unmistakably clear way.

Basic Naturals – From Nature with Love!