Derrick Lin


Designer: Anqi (Angel) Pan
Project Type: Student Project
School: Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)
Packaging Content: Tea
Location: USA

This series of artistic work is intended as the packaging design for tea brand “Tea Utopia”. Tea Utopia means “hide away from bustling life in the utopia of tea mountains”. We believe that good tea trees grow in the high and misty mountains. And hopes the customers can snatch a little leisure from a busy life by drinking Tea Utopia.

Logo & Patterns
When I conceived the design idea for the brand, I extracted two concepts: “mountain” and “hide away from bustling life”. So I combined the mountain shape and hinding type to design the Logo. I have designed 5 packages for tea. When I conceived the design idea, I tried to combine the scenery of tea mountains with the local customs.

Tea Tags
The whole set of tea tags are named “Charming View on the Cup Brim”. The tea tags are designed in the form of a leaf with two wings which can be fixed steadily on the cup brim. So the customers can enjoy the mountain view on the cup brim while the tea is infused. When the tea is ready, they only need to pull the thread in the tea tag to withdraw the tea bag.

I used the frosted pvc material and white-colored cardboard for the tea package. The upper part of the package is translucent and you can see through the hazy mountain view in it.