Lingyun Creative


Creative Agency: Lingyun Creative
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Chinese wine
Location: China

This is a white spirit product from Shanxi Province, China. The source of the product name (Yi Jing Fang) has a close relation with the history of the enterprise. In ancient China, people called some manufacturing enterprises or their premises Zuo Fang ( workshop) or Fang for short. Nowadays, the word Fang does not sound outdated, and instead, it highlights the quality of “pure handcraft” and brings a feeling of original simplicity. In fact, such “pure handcraft” symbolizes a kind of artisan spirit. Therefore, the nickname we gave to the product is Ingenuity. The purity of artisan spirit mainly originates from what they see by eyes and how they feel by hands that finally form the perception in their mind. Accordingly, our interpretation of the “ingenuity” is “eyes and hands connecting to the heart”. On the outer package, we used multiple elements to embody our understanding of artisans’ “eyes and hands connecting to the heart”. In terms of the container, we aimed to realize simplicity and minimalism by concentrating the thematic expression on one point, allowing viewers to feel the unique quality of the product by their heart.