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Design: Leadway
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Chinese wine
Location: China

Beijing Diaoyutai Wine Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary invested and controlled by Guizhou Diaoyutai Guobin Wine Co., Ltd., which is known as the “Hometown of National Liquor” in Maotai Town, Renhuai City, Guizhou Province. It has excellent water source and address for brewing. The climatic conditions have accumulated superb brewing techniques and rich brewing experience for thousands of years, and have produced a rich and unique microbial community of sauce-flavored liquor, which has been famous since ancient times. In order to make the “Diaoyutai” culture and Maotai Town’s national wine culture perfectly combined, in 2007 Beijing Diaoyutai Wine Co., Ltd. was established, and Guobin Wine has the foundation for its development and growth.

Creative process
This product, called “Diaoyutai Four Seasons Royalties”, is actually very clear at the beginning of the process. At present, there are not a few products in the market that focus on “Royal Culture”. The Lingyun creative team first reclassified the temperament of the product itself. In general, the products that focus on “Royal” are more about the royal “dominant” or “extraordinary”. This time, Lingyun Creative will start from the point of “Yaqi” and give the product a more unique charm. We divide the products into four boxes of spring, summer, autumn and winter, which make the products more suitable for the theme of “Four Seasons Royalties”, and distinguish the styles by the graphics on the box representing different seasonal characteristics. In terms of containers, we used the same bottle cap, but we divided the decoration content to depict the pictures of spring, summer, autumn and winter, and also to highlight the theme of “four seasons”. Through a relaxed and elegant picture, the product is no longer a feeling of rejection. The reason for doing this is also to observe that in the current consumer market, there are many cases in which white wine is purchased in pieces. Such an approach can make consumers feel more complete and promote product sales.

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