Lingyun Creative


Agency: Lingyun Creative
Creative Director: Xiongbo Deng
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Yogurt
Location: China

The product is a type of sheep milk yogurt from China. This type of product is not common because the current market is dominated by milk yogurt. In this case, it is difficult for consumers to identify sheep milk yogurt products by the package in short time.

To solve this problem, we designed “an adorable sheep” for this product. Through the combination of the sheep-like shape and patterns, the yogurt cup can not only enable consumers to identify the product at the first glance, but also give them a strong impulse to buy it.

In addition to making the appearance of the product more like sheep, the raised cup lid functions as a space for storing a small pack of raisins and nuts and a small spoon. Plain yogurt will taste better after being mixed with some raisins and nuts. Furthermore, since every four cups of yogurt are packed as a group, we drew some green grass on the bottom of the packing box.

In this way, it looks like the sheep are standing on a meadow, implying the natural quality of our product.