Lingyun Creative


Design: Xiongbo Deng
Location: China
Project Type: Produced
Packaging Contents: Chinese liquor

This is a kind of Chinese liquor packed in a small bottle. Like the west, Chinese people also believe in gods, but have different words to call them, such as “Xian (immortal)”. The product is named Little Immortal. In the Chinese language context, while reducing the seriousness of a god’s image, the name delivers a sense of affinity.

We expect to adopt a heat-shrinkable matte film to cover the entire glass bottle, including the cap. After the process, the image of an adorable immortal will appear. His posture and flushed cheek signify the nature of the product. The shape of the container looks like a tumbler, implying that the liquor will not make people drunk so as to highlight the high quality of the liquor.

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