Design: Sangmok-Oh
Project Type: Concept
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Packaging Contents: Condoms
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing

Many condoms in the market contain chemicals that can cause diseases like parabens, glycerine, and norroxide 9. The condoms containing these harmful ingredients were so serious, I started to design a non-hazardous condom for safe and healthy sex. so, under the name of zero condom, we started to make virtual branding and packaging.

Zero condoms are a brand that aims to provide safe and healthy condoms without harmful additives. This brand philosophy is represented by a logo that combines ‘0’ and ‘ZERO’. and The circles on the front is The appearance of the condom is graphic, and the pleasure spreads I expressed the feeling with a gradient. Different colors are arranged for easy understanding of different characteristics of condoms. examples, The thinnest touch of SUPERTHIN is visualized in blue, ORIGINAL visualized in yellow as suitable for wear, MOIST GEL visualizes the more moist touch in pink.