Rhum Clement – Canne Bleue Millésime 2018

Maison LINEA

Design: LINEA – The Spirit Valley Designers
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Rhum Clement – Canne Bleue 2018
Location: Martinique, France
Packaging Contents: Rum

This year, Rhum Clement has shown great imagination in the creation of the new vintage Canne Bleue.

LINEA Agency delivers a brand-new experience for this fifth consecutive edition! The most innovative brand of Martinique is transgressive and underground and raises tattooing to the rank of works of art. For the first time, the bottle is entirely covered with a white sleeve with Old School blue ink tattoos. The patterns reveal the universe of Rhum Clement and show a seamless tattoo combining the local flora to mixology or iconic elements of the distillery. The bottle cap has been customized and offers 5 different patterns. For the launching of this 2018 edition, the bottle is presented in a cotton bag depicting the same pattern. And to go further, temporary tattooing boards have been created in the same style.