Design: Interesting Development
Project Type: Produced
Client: Ever & Ever
Location: New York, USA
Packaging Contents: Still & Sparkling Water
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminum

People like to pretend that once something leaves their hands, it just disappears. But it doesn’t disappear. Every plastic bottle you ever use, will last forever in some form or another. I.D. partnered with All Market Inc. to create Ever & Ever, an aluminum bottle that proposes a simple solution to a massive environmental problem. Unlike plastic or paper, aluminum is infinitely recyclable. 75% of the aluminum ever used is still in use today.

Ever & Ever takes pride in its permanence and brings a non-judgemental, solution-oriented optimism to a typically gloomy subject. Ever & Ever launched June 3rd at the museum of plastic in NYC. Its initial production run sold out within days of becoming available. Coming soon and for all eternity to major retailers throughout the United States.

What’s Unique?
Our water bottle is infinitely recyclable aluminum instead of plastic which is not reliably recyclable and most likely to turn into more ocean pollution.