Fling Craft Cocktails



Agency: Whiskey Design
Art Director: Matt Wegerer
Designers: Matt Wegerer, Micah Barta
Illustrators: Micah Barta, Sam Billman, Jordan Kabalka, Frank Norton
Photography: 8183 Studio
Copywriter: Drunk Copywriter
Project Type: Produced
Client: Boulevard Brewing Company
Location: Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Packaging Contents: Alcohol
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminum

Fling Craft Cocktails invites everyone to “Live a delicious life. Have a Fling!” Boulevard Beverage Co., with a rich history in craft beer, has put its knowledge and resources into creating unique flavors that elevate the landscape of the canned cocktail industry. The challenge for Whiskey Design was to create something that reflects the global flavor profiles of the line. We also wanted to avoid many of the industry standards for design. We decided on a concept that featured small vignettes, each telling a story around the can — with illustration styles and copy that are unique to the flavors inside. We think that beautiful things and Flings go hand in hand.

What’s Unique?
We didn’t want this to look like craft beer, but also didn’t want to go ultra clean like many others do in this category. Instead of a hero illustration that many beers feature, we make mini vignettes that reflect the flavors origin. We also used a different style for each flavor. While this adds a level of complexity to the designs and Fling as an umbrella brand it does help show the unique inspiration for each flavors and hammers home how each can is crafted inside and out.