The Fermentary Vegetable Ferments

Anna Topalidou

Illustration: Anna Topalidou
Project Type: Produced
Client: The Fermentary
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Packaging Contents: Lacto-fermented vegetables: Kraut, Kimchi and pickles
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Digital printing, perforation on lid tab, laid adhesive stock

The Fermentary is a Daylesford-based small batch producer of naturally fermented food and beverage products. They’re focused on crafting delicious, minimal intervention ferments by pairing old-world wisdom and diverse traditions, with present day science and practice.

For the Fermentary, its about re-wilding food. They are all too aware of the massive loss in microbial diversity that has occurred since the industrialization of our food system. To them, microbes are companion species that are honored by never using heat, chemicals, additives, or forced carbonation. Led by Sharon Flynn, Australia’s foremost expert on fermentation, The Fermentary is front and centre of an exciting global fermentation revival and a growing community of wild-food seeking people.

The packaging for the vegetable range is informed by fermentation traditions past and present—near and far. The line illustrations weave through stories of history, science, cultural tradition, alchemy and raw ingredients. Calligraphic and serif typography introduce the east and the west, and meet an absence of colour that offset the naturally vibrant range of ferments. Printed applications are finished with laid and tactile stocks.

The outcome is a timeless identity that intrigues, transcends fad, and preserves values such as sustainability and accountability in food production.

What’s Unique?
The work calls on myriad influences, past and present—near and far to create a timeless appeal that can speak to a diverse audience.