Passion & Beyond – Rose Silk Bouquet



Design: LG Beauty
Location: South Korea
Project Type: Produced
Packaging Contents: Body care

Rose Silk Bouquet body care product and package design
Passion & Beyond is a cosmetic brand in South Korea, sells a wide range of products under the categories of bath, body, hair, face and makeups. The brand has core values in being eco-friendly, using natural ingredients, and standing against animal testing.

Rose Silk-Bouquet is a fresh body line that makes tired body skin and mind relieved against external stimulation. Using living flower technology, it captures the fragrance of living rose bloom and re-creates its scent perfectly without picking flowers.

Rose Silk- Bouquet is the collaboration body product line between Passion & Beyond and Nick Misani, a New York based graphic designer. The overall design represents the freshness and rich fragrance of roses, and the hand-lettered logo captures its classic mood of rose perfectly.