Bonjour Brand X T-Mall – Mooncake box set

2S Global Design

Design: 2S Global Design
Founder and Creative Director: Sophie Schott
Artistic Director: Florence Béziès
Location: France
Project Type: Produced
Client: Bonjour Brand and T-mall
Product Launch Location: China
Packaging Contents: Cakes
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Metal, paper, cardboard

The idea of this box set was to reach the new middle class of 200 million young Chinese consumers and provide them with surprise and innovation with our French touch. A targeted communication strategy with the support of the Alibaba group to optimize traffic and attract the young Chinese generation. T-Mall and Bonjour Brand, commissioned the agency to create box sets for the moon festival. The agency has gone against new borders by collaborating on new products co-created by France and China.

Celebrated in mid-autumn, the Moon Festival is one of China’s most important celebrations. Symbol of unity and gathering, it is also on this occasion that the moon cakes are offered. It was important in the design of the box set that it could be worn both during a parade organized by T-mall and by the consumer once the cakes had been tasted. This is why we have decided to give a new dimension to this traditional celebration by creating a box set that is modern, chic and luxurious.

What’s Unique?
To highlight this festive day, we have made the moon our muse to carry our box set. It is wire-shaped, lightweight and rigid at the same time, its golden metal design reveals the strong identity of this creation before revealing its content in an unexpected way. Inspired by the greatest Parisian Haute Couture fashion shows, this box set can be worn at arm’s length to give its owner a determined and modern look. The leather finish contrasts with the modern graphics of the box set and offers it the attributes of a “luxury” accessory, targeting a young audience.