Gubble Bum

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Agency: MODRA
Designer: Ivona Vuri
Location: Croatia
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Bubble Gum
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass jar with aluminium cover wrapped in paper, paper bags, paper tags
Printing Process: Digital printing

Gubble Bum is a fictive concept shop that celebrates the irreplaceable childhood favourite, bubble gum. To keep it simple and easy to remember, the name is a tongue-twisting play on the main motive of the project. The concept was based on the idea of creating a place similar to a candy shop, but the difference is that Gubble Bum exclusively offers chewing gum, any that you can imagine. Along with being a retailer, it also offers its own branded bubble gum which is sold in bulk. The packaging comes in two simple, but eye-catching options, depending on the quantity of purchase. Smaller amounts of gum are packaged in colorful paper bags, while larger amounts come in a glass jar with a custom lid & a tag showing the name of the mix and flavours. All paper elements of the packaging are printed digitally.

What’s Unique?
Simplicity & playfulness were the main objectives when creating this packaging which is why all the main visuals are printed on paper and then either folded or wrapped over glass jars. The packaging looks simultaneously bold & fun. It’s the perfect gift-on-the-go for a friend or for oneself. It celebrates youthfulness and a carefree mindset. It’s the practical and cool item you want to keep displayed on a top shelf!