Designer: Taha Fakouri
Project Type: Produced
Location: Iran
Client: Toral Company
Packaging Contents: Car Motor Oil
Packaging Substrate / Material: Metal Can
Printing Process: Flexography
Product launch location: Asia

Toral is a car motor oil company with an old background and with competent executives with a very modern and creative vision, it is the first step in designing engine oil car cans, Gear oil, in various grades. And I also tried to create a dense but flat and almost minimalist-inspired by the contrast between golden, black and modern, non-uniform forms in the culture of conceptualization, packaging design. In all cases, with a small effort and with respect to the timing of each engine oil production process, the product design should be of the highest quality and display the elements that remain in the public eye after observation.

What’s Unique?
Use creatively black and gold colors in a variety of roles to create a unique design