Dillon’s Cuban Rum



Design: Insite Design
Location: Canada
Project Type: Produced
Client: Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers
Product Launch Location: Canada
Packaging Contents: Cuban Rum
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle, Pressure Sensitive Label
Printing Process: Digital with Foil and Embossing on label plus ACL on glass

For the first within the Here&There collaboration series, distiller Geoff Dillon travelled multiple times to Cuba to work with the world famous Cuban distillers behind Ron Vigia and the Cuban Institute of Rum — a national treasure for Cuba.

After a year of visits and sharing ideas, Idiana Blanco, ICIDCA’s master blender created these two incredible rums for Dillon’s to share with their audience within the Here&There series.

The two authentic Cuban Rums — 8yr & 18yr represent a historic partnership between Cuba and Canada. Never before has Cuba exported a rum for a partnership and collaboration.

As part of the project and strategy, Insite developed the Here&There strategy and Co-Lab label program that would work for a series of projects following this rum; the first of many more from around the world.

The rum specific labels were designed to celebrate Cuba as the primary focus. Cuban colours, flag and motifs were designed to capture a Cuban feel while also to fit comfortably within the Dillon’s brand family and identity program.

The labels across the series will all be unique but in each release will fit over the same bottle used for all products. These bottles are printed using ACL and tell the story of the Here&There collaboration series and concept of “local from another place”.

What’s Unique?
The combination of pressure-sensitive label applied on top of ACL printing on the glass. The label can be removed to leave a complete graphic underneath to increase the chance of re-use for the bottle in someone’s bar.