Design: Dozen Agency
Location: Ukraine
Project Type: Produced
Client: Pervyi Pivzavod
Product Launch Location: Kazakhstan
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, Can

Beer is never boring. Especially when it comes to the development of the Kazakhstan market. The approach and ideas about beer there differ significantly from those of the Ukrainian market. All the more interesting it was for us to work.

Mission: unusual, because one of the market leaders, First Brewery, set before us the task to embody the idea of «the most Czech beer of Kazakhstan». This meant that we had to explore two markets instead of one.

What’s Unique?
Here we got the stickman. Inspired by the image of Švejk, we created the label character. The successor of the good soldier slyly smiled at his mustache, walked down the street with two glasses of beer, and was the embodiment of the carefree recklessness.

If we are to have fun, we are to do it in Veselíčko! Vesĕlecký Hmel has become the embodiment of everything they love light Czech beer for. There is no better place to have a mug of beer with a cap of foam, maybe the best beer in your life, and with the additive of bright and happy emotions, than the Czech Republic.