Via Aristotelis Barrel Selection

the Labelmaker

Sofia, Bulgaria,

Agency: the Lablemaker
Printer: Rotoprint
Stamp: The Metallabels
Paper: Arconvert
Bottle: Saverglass
Photo: Jordan Jelev
Location: United States
Project Type: Produced
Client: Orbelia Winery
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Embossed metal, debossing, high build varnish, flexo, hot foil stamping

The Project
Via Aristotelis Barrel Selection is the newest and most precious gem in Orbelia’s growing portfolio.

Intended as the top premium brand it consists of only two selected barrels. Limited batch, attention to every detail, outstanding wines – this is the philosophy behind this new product. It is not simply an upgrade of the existing Via Aristotelis to brand but a professional attempt to create a wine that will turn every sip in small treasure.

The Challenge
I won’t be able to tell everything behind the creation of this wine packaging, but this project was a real challenge. First, because it was designed for very ambitious premium wine and second because projects like this throws you in competition with yourself. Most of the wines of Orbelia were designed by me and step by step we lift the level making more and more prestigious brands. With Via Aristotelis Barrel Selection we set the highest level for this producer. For now.

The Execution
Bottle – we picked the Bordeaux version of the Incredible Antik bottle by Saverglass. The Orbelia premium brand used the Burgundy version of the same Antik bottle so this time it was quite logical to use its tapered brother. This bottle has a strong presence and unique attractive look that somehow complemented elegantly the feeling we were aiming to have in this wine packaging design.

Sealing – we used black semi-matt sealing wax. Every bottle is manually dipped in melted wax-like they did in the old days.

Paper – I picked one of my favorite papers by Arconvert, the Ispira Nero Mistero. Produced in natural black semi-matt color this paper corresponds visually with sealing wax and blends elegantly with the deep glossy black of the glass bottle.

Print – I love to play with different aspects of the black color and this time I used high-build transparent varnish to print the Barrel Select title against the black paper background. Via Aristotelis text is stamped with white-hot foil. The linear pattern in the top half of the label is printed with black glossy ink and then debossed which made it look like carved grooves. Together with the diagonal shape of the label this pattern is taken from the original Via Aristotelis label to indicate visually the origins of this new wine packaging design.

At the top of the label is a reserved special place for a gold octagonal seal with embossed VA monogram on it. In fact, we used embossing and debossing on this metal seal to achieve maximum possible 3D effect.
The Result

The result is a stunning package enhanced by an eye-catching label that combines paper and metal one unique image that gives the consumer the opportunity to discover more and more new details with every pour.