FLINT. Just crunch it.

Dozen Agency

Design: Dozen Agency
Location: Ukraine
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Europe
Packaging Contents: Snack

Lively pleasures are not just about colors. They’re about tastes, in this case. Our agency took pleasure in re-branding Flint.

The mish-mash of colors on the supermarket’s snack stacked shelves is, of all places, the worst. To stand out against such sloppiness is quite a challenge. We had to find a visual identifier. We drew up a vibrant logo block to strike the eye amid the brightly-colored products. We suggested a free and dynamic food composition to represent the brand essentials. We plunged the croutons into the beer aesthetics and wrapped the baguettes with exquisite hedonism.

The architecture of the Flint brand and each product line had this idea running through them as a common thread. The French baguette is what you need when you want to leave everything behind and savor the moment. And mouth-filling croutons went perfectly with the beer. Hey, we have only one life to live!

This tasty pleasure is very easy to find now on the shelf of any store. The work was a pleasure for us. The same pleasure you have when you open a packet of Flint bread snacks, leave everything behind, and just crunch it, enjoying the taste and pleasures of life.