Vertical Farm Happiness Health

Dozen Agency

Design: Dozen Agency
Location: Ukraine
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Ukraine
Packaging Contents: Fresh food
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

VERTICAL FARMING: It imperceptibly keeps finding its way into the life of the capital and megacities, pushing the limits of traditional agriculture. Frankly speaking, we were not concerned about the issue until we met Maxim Kirichko, the founder of the vertical farm Happiness Health. From that moment on, a few “wow” factors came in at once: the acquaintance with an interesting and multifaceted person, the immersion into a promising innovative environment, a serious brand name of a local meme type, a logo created by another company, and our task to develop a green salad packaging for the first vertical farm in the city.

TESTING: that the client conducted was both qualitative and quantitative. The client cooperated with different research teams. However, the consumer choice turned out to be unanimous, with the leader winning by a wide margin. According to Yuliia Slesarenko from the Q&Q Digital agency, they had not seen such representative results in their practice for a long time. Each party – the client, the agency and research teams – had their odds-on favourite. However, the testing showed that the consumer had the final say.

THE LEADER: of consumer sympathies proved several important speculations. Firstly, naturality through transparency is what the consumer wants to see and evaluate in the packaged products. Secondly, the consumer wants to make out what is offered inside the package. Therefore, the maximum readability of the composition of salads is positively accepted. Thirdly, when buying salads, consumers are not ready for a brand new design that seems to come from the shelf of the future: categorical stereotypes have their effect. There is no denying that simplicity and obvious choice dominate the sense of beauty.