Dmytruk Grill

Dozen Agency

Agency: Dozen Agency
Art Director: Elena Gavriluk
Photographer: Olga and Evgeniya Drach 
Location: Ukraine
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Ukraine
Packaging Contents: Food

For Dmytruk Grill, a male-centric brand, we had to figure out a bunch of strictly practical aspects design-wise. First, the packaging needed to have a design that men could spot instantly. Second, a man needed to be able to choose the product quickly. Finally, the sausages needed to look overall as impressive as if you had brought home a mammoth.

What’s Unique?
The yellow-and-black design is akin to a visual signal that draws attention to the product on the shelf. On the one hand, yellow attracts attention, and on the other communicates that the sausages taste good as hell. Also, numbers on the packaging are much easier to memorize than lengthy names.