Kekou sauces – Interactive Sauce

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Derrick Lin


Design: Shruti Kembhavi
Location: India
Packaging Contents: Four flavours of sauce
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottles supported with Paper
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Kekou sauces packaging is a Chinese sauce bottle packaging for a combo pack of four bottles.

The packaging is multipurpose and also works as a storage system. It will horizontally hold 4 mini bottles that have sauces used in Chinese cuisine namely Oyster, Soy, Sriracha and Chilli. The packaging can be carried around as it has a handle that can later be used to hang the packaging anywhere in the kitchen. The packaging looks simple from the outside but opens up to a detailed illustration which gives a feel of the place where the cuisine comes from.

The illustration also indicates the flavour of the sauces placed in the packaging- The oyster sauce is placed at the bottom and is supported by the illustration of the sea on the outside. Chilli Sauce is at the top supported by the illustration of fire. The target audience is young, explorative cooks, and hence their need is taken into account. The packaging is interactive and engages users in checking it out.

(Kekou is a hypothetical brand created for the classroom project)

What’s Unique?
The packaging opens up to work as a storage unit itself. The bottles are visible and play a part in the illustration which can be seen once the packaging is opened. The packaging is easy to carry, safe and multipurpose.

The placement of the bottles is in line with the illustration on the packaging once opened- Oyster sauce at the bottom followed by Soy sauce and the Sriracha and Chilli sauce at the top shown with fire. The same packaging can be used to later refill and store other bottles as it is a well-functioning storage unit which can be hung anywhere in the kitchen. It is a compact combo sparking interest.