Tio Pepe en Rama 2020

hugo zapata


Design: hugo zapata
Location: Spain
Project Type: Produced
Client: gonzalez byass
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Label, Glass bottle
Printing Process: Offset, flexo, foil stamping

González Byass presents Uncle Pepe Fino in Rama 2020, a jewel of very limited elaboration that arrives, like every year, in the spring. In this season life, light and joy take the foundational nucleus of the Bodega de La Constancia. It is the moment in which Antonio Flores, oenologist of the house of Tío Pepe, selects those boots that stand out for their unique organoleptic characteristics. The moment in which the new one draws from this Fino in Rama, which has not been subjected to the usual processes of clarification and filtration, sees the light.

After a dialogue between the winemaker and the winery, full of work, origin, wisdom and passion, 67 boots have been chosen for the tenth edition of this Fino en Rama. Custodiadas by the stillness of the Bodega de La Constancia, are boots that reflect the Terroirde Macharnudo and Carrascal, in an intense and elegant way, and that have retained a forceful and thick veil of flower giving it all the character and style of Tío Pepe, cultural icon alive and legacy of a Wine Family founded in 1835.

What’s Unique?
Tio Pepe Fino in Rama 2020 presents a pale gold opalescent color due to the flower in suspension. The nose is intense and fragrant with memories of bakery and fresh yeast. For its intensity and sapidez, it is ideal to enjoy with fish, seafood and vegetables, as well as rice of various styles. Serve cold in the best glass of fine glass.

Tío Pepe in Rama tribute to the #GenteEnRama, to those who were, are and will be members of this great family of wines that, every spring, presents this Wild TioPepe. #GenteEnRama that seeks the authentic, life without filters, purity.