Art Director: Marwan Ramadan
Art Director: Ahmed Samir
Location: Egypt
Project Type: In progress
Client: Anonymous
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Perfume
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Metal Boxes, Matte Bottles, Fiber

Anonymous is derived from the anonymous Greek term, which means “without a name” or”namelessness.” “Anonymous” is used in colloquial use to characterize cases where the identity of the acting person is undisclosed.

We wanted to create an original brand that would stand out among the enormous competition in the fragrance industry, and be consistent with our brand name and values.

The brand name ‘s roots are from the Greek culture, so we used that to begin with, we created the brand logo from the Greek language letters & symbols, with a touch of modern art to coupe with the new trends.

What’s Unique?
We were finally able to come up with these totally new and original bottle designs which are aligned with our branding and identity. The project is currently in progress and will be launched soon.