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Design: Pesign Design
Location: China
Project Type: Produced
Client: yili
Product Launch Location: Asia

Meiyitian owned by Yili is a lactobacillus drink widely recognized by Chinese customers. In 2020, a refreshing and healthy new product with reduced sugar and no fat was launched. In the package design, new product highlights less sugar, no fat and stronger digestion.

The main points of upgrading are to seek a balance between mutability and immutability, retain brand recognition and have the visual perception of new product upgrading. We will stretch out a “V-shaped” symbol to strengthen double digestion and broaden brand connotation on behalf of the arrow of “digestion”. Color debugging bring a “fresh” intuitional feeling, and the translucent cover with jelly texture breaks through technology bottleneck. The overall product conveys a remote core connotation with a unique difference.