Design: Hurtikonn
Location: France
Project Type: Student Project
Packaging Contents: Pasta
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass and Cardboard

This is my new project, Pasta Léonne. It’s a brand that I loved to create and with which I had the most imagination. I wanted to retranscribe a certain artisanal know-how with this slightly old-fashioned effect while making reference to the flour of fresh pasta. I chose a color reminiscent of pasta and at the same time a slightly old color, so I chose a mustard that is a little softer because it is a vintage color that is currently in fashion. This handwritten typography is all the more a reference to a manual work of superior quality.

I wanted to create something different, new and environmentally friendly because that’s our priority right now. As Léonne is a high-end brand, I made a real premium or even luxurious packaging to highlight this product which is of great quality. You can buy the tube for the first time and when the tube is empty, you just have to refill it because it is a glass container to be environmentally friendly. I am really proud of this packaging, it is modern, sober, simple, but really attractive and that was my goal. It’s the first time I design something that I haven’t met yet.