Founder/ Creative Director: Maria Sencha
Art Director: Kateryna Lebid
Senior Designer: Inna Malysh
Designer: Nika Kosmina
Designer: Oleksandra Shvetsova
Account Manager: Alice Shein
Project Manager: Maria Chinkina
Location: Ukraine
Project Type: Produced
Client: Trademark “Mriya”
Product Launch Location: Ukraine
Packaging Contents: Spices
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

Mriya has turned to us with an interesting task. The idea was to divide the existing brand into two separate new ones: a confectionary, and a gastronomic. The idea was to make the product more appealing both for a new/young audience, while retaining the existing one. Stakes were high, as it was the leader of the market, who needed a rebranding. The project implied not only this, but also broadening of product series, as well as creation of new product lines.

A new logo, a new character
It all began with confectionary direction, which has branched out into a new brand, “My Little Bakery”. Stories are able to attract customer’s attention, so we came up with an idea of creating a cute little muffin character Mia, a great foodie, who has the unmatched skills to prepare an ideal meal. Little Mia inherited all her “granny’s” (the old TM, Mriya) best secrets, improved them, and even came up with some new ones.

Mia lives in her universe of astounding landscapes: Marshmallow Savannah is the place where Mia selects ideal agar-agar for her recipes, while the mysterious Fragrant Forest is the perfect place to go for some finest cinnamon. Every single item from the rich high-quality ingredients portfolio of Mriya TM serves as a base for another storyline/landscape of little Mia’s world. Instead of obvious image of its contents, every package now tells another Mia’s adventure, a culinary secret for those who love to cook.

The audience’s response yielded positive results. According to a post-campaign research, we reached the goal to rejuvenate the customer audience, as well as increased the vanilla-group product sales by 12%. Three-quarters of the audience welcomed the new design as more inviting than the old one.​​​​​​​

But store shelves are never enough! To connect Mia with the real world even more, we launched a fully-fledged digital onslaught of cuteness. Our approach included a combination of social media campaign along with development of a dedicated website for “My Little Bakery” brand. To make the online presence of the brand more versatile, we created a sticker pack for popular messengers: Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp. To increase the audience reach, we enlisted aid from microbloggers, who shared their opinions on the new design of the brand, communicating the changes of the trademark’s image to their audience.