Founder/creative Director: Maria Sencha
Art Director: Kateryna Lebid
Senior Designer: Inna Malysh
Designer: Oleksandra Shvetsova
Junior Designer: Oleksandra Petrash
Copywriter: Vika Yaroshenko
Copywriter/photographer: Anastasia Danylevych
Project Manager: Maria Chinkina
Location: Ukraine
Project Type: Producing
Client: Majus
Packaging Contents: Organic juice
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle

Top-quality juice is already more than just juice, it’s a real vitamin outburst.

Therefore, more than juice — Majus. An accurate naming. With its own etymology. After all, from Latin, Majus has two definitions at once, and each aptly describes the advantages of the brand. The first definition is “more” due to more taste and benefits. The second definition is “May” because May is the active growing season.

We’ve found and applied the elements of patterns that are associated with the corresponding fruits. In contrast to the transparent label, we have developed a bright packaging element — a neckhanger. Its primary task is to inform on the type of juice.

What’s Unique?
Elements of patterns that are associated with the corresponding fruits and a bright packaging element — neckhanger.