Design: Dozen Agency
Location: Ukraine
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Ukraine
Packaging Contents: Sauce, mayonnaise

It was the first time Maksym Lesnyak worked with the Chumak brand, which will grow into a long and meaningful partnership. Since then, numerous work meetings, studies, designs, launches, and re-designs have happened. In 2011, we joined forces with the client’s marketing team to create a brand-book that transformed a previously fragmented style into a system of over 400 updated packaging designs. But it’s in the past now. In early 2020, another transformation began for the market leader.

Chumak remains faithful to its long-time value and virtue: ‘From the field to your table’. Like the 2011 re-design, when we committed to continuity to preserve the brand’s DNA, Chumak’s 2020 logo retains that familiarity across the generations of consumers. The latest re-design brings a bunch of contemporary features, such as simplified letter and badge shapes, laconic colours (two instead of three), and improved readability. Chumak now has a refreshed look, bolstered by transparency, openness, and a champion’s ribbon.

The brand’s primary colour changed, albeit in a somewhat non-linear manner: its shades were used to distinguish product categories in the portfolio better. So be on the look-out for new packaging: the rollout for the first two categories in Chumak’s portfolio—sauces and mayonnaise—has already begun. The colours of paper name badges that differentiate products within the line remained unchanged as a marker of the previous packaging colour code to make it easier for consumers to find the products they know and love.