Cartografie Brand Creation



Agency: Studio Minerva
Creative Director and Founder: Daniela Nunzi-Mihranian
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: Cartografie Chocolate
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Chocolate
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

Our brief was to create a brand for a new-to-world luxury chocolate range – strategy, naming, packaging and brand world were all in scope. Co-founded by Kae Shibata (ex-Ritz pastry chef) & Daniela Nunzi-Mihranian (Founder and Creative Director at Studio Minerva), the vision was to build a luxury chocolate company with a conscience. Producing Michelin-starred quality chocolates, but also pledging a commitment to sustainability, biodiversity, and ethics. Only working with people that pay suppliers as much as possible and celebrating farmers who cherish the unique characteristics of their cocoa bean varieties. A disruptive brand that would change the chocolate industry for the better.

Inspired by a vision to take consumers on a sensorial experience through the most exciting areas in the cocoa producing world, we landed on the concept of Cartografie – mapping exquisite chocolate stories for a truly transportive experience. Establishing the brand as ‘cartographers of taste’, the look & feel had to deliver this luxury story in an immediate way that also communicated the brand’s sustainable ethos. The colour palette is inspired by the obsession with terroir and how it imbues every bite with a sense of place. A gloss world map contrasting with the natural, earth-tone paper stocks evokes the unique character of the origins. The identity is layered with foil marking the 20 degrees either side of the equator where the cocoa beans ripen and also highlighting the established date of 2020. A reusable band runs through the centre, tracing the equator line and holding the packaging in place. The packs are a collection of no-glue, origami style boxes that require artful hand folding to result in sustainable yet beautiful structures. Our bespoke logotype sees a classic serif, manipulated to echo the movement of melting chocolate, with flowing lines and merging letter forms.

“The launch of Cartografie in the first 8 weeks resulted in 721 orders bringing in over £26,000 worth of sales. Certainly the sustainability element of the company and particularly the packaging has been what has drawn in a lot of these sales and a review of our initial orders has seen brilliant feedback on the beauty of the design. In a saturated market, it’s incredibly important to stand out as a unique company with strong brand values – this has instantly been achieved through our beautiful design and Studio Minerva’s tirelessness and creativity in designing us a product to lead the chocolate market into a sustainable future.” – Sven-Hanson Britt – Co-founder, Cartografie

The Independent:“There’s chocolate and then there’s Cartografie chocolate…These are possibly the best chocolates we’ve ever put in our mouths…we love that there are tasting notes for each chocolate and applaud their ethical and environmentally responsible approach to sourcing, trading and packaging” – Indy Best Buy 2020

Country and Townhouse: “Michelin-starred quality chocolates with a conscience” – Best Chocolate Shops in London

Stylist:“Female founded chocolatiers Cartografie create single origin couvertures filled with a bespoke ganache. This is the gift to make someone’s Christmas” – 33 Chocolate Gifts

Google reviews: “I loved the packaging as well. Very luxurious.” – Sofia M & “..Great ethical and sustainable views, the packaging is also 10/10” – Tracey D