State of São Paulo, Brazil

Design: Marina Hauers
Location: Brazil
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Natural Cosmetic
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle and paper
Printing Process: Offset

FAUME is a company that seeks to transform people’s lives through daily experiences and rituals of beauty and personal care. Products and Services: Beauty Rituals, Personal Care Services for companies, and creating free content in social media. Rebrand project: This project led me to important premises that the brand carries and the project should goal: faith to walk in life, affection, bring warmth, union, connects with others, memory, a record of an experience, essence, the daily goal. The design challenge is: how to build a sustainable and functional brand? How to adapt to changes and create awareness? One of the goals was to create an element that would represent the power of nature and de people’s connection.

What’s Unique?
I’m looking for elements that bring the power and the connection of things. I saw how these elements bring that power, connection of nature, and humanization in every package. Chosen elements: LEAF and OCEAN/WATER – represented by a drop. Methodology: Design Thinking – Humanization – Biomimetics. The brand’s tone of voice is minimalist, calm, natural, and human.